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Sunday Morning Bible Studies

God works in ways that we can never understand. But we can sometimes see the methods that He uses.

Being a part of a group of people following and serving God is one of those methods that He uses to work in our lives.

We want to help you find a community of people like you who will help you follow God's plan for your life. These Bible studies meet every Sunday morning at Bookcliff Baptist Church at 9:00 AM. Come and find your place in this community of believers. 

  • Adult Bible Studies

    • Salt Shakers​ Bible Study

      • This group Bible study is for both men and women ages 18 and up. You will find people in all kinds of walks of life in this group. Some who are starting college and some who are in their careers. Some who are just starting their adult lives and some who have children of their own.

    • Preparers Bible Study​

      • This group Bible study is for both men and women ages 35 and up. You will find a group of people who are seeking how God will lead them in their adult years. This class is for both married and single people.​

    • Joy Bible Study​

      • This is a​ ladies' Bible study for people over 50 years, though they would welcome any person of any age to join them for their study of the Bible and God's love for His people. The lades of this class are very welcoming and are dedicated to helping each other grow spiritually. 

    • Crusaders Bible Study​

      • This Sunday group Bible study is a co-ed group composed mostly of retired people. They come from many different background. They enjoy fellowshipping and it may be a great place to find others who will help you grow. 

    • No-Age Sisters Bible Study​

      • This is a Bible study for ladies who want to be a part of a cross generational community. They help  support and encourage each other to growing in their relationships with God. 

    • Theophilites Bible Study​

      • The Theophilites is a ladies' Bible study of some very tight-knit ​ladies who care for each other. Some are single and some are married. They wold love for you to be part of their community. 

  • Teen Bible Study​​

    • This Bible study is meant for young men and women in their teens. High school and middle school are great times for teens to grow closer to God. We all have big questions about life and God, and this is a great place to ask them. 

  • Children's Bible Study​

    • Third - Fifth Grade

      • This class is an age when the big questions about life start to come. It's an age group that knows there is something more and thy want to know about it. If you have kids, this is a very blessed time to give them the answers that they will need going into their teen years. 

    • First - Second Grade

      • This group has a lot of fun with Sunday School. They learn so fast, and they have so much fun with games and  stories. This is a great class for young kids. 

    • Preschool and Kindergarten​

      • These little ones are full of energy and love to have fun with games and stories. ​This is a good time to start a foundation of loving others and know who Jesus is. 

Looking for where to find your new Sunday Morning Bible Study?

Click here to find your new friends. 


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